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Murphy Tells Economic Conference That Livelihoods Threatened By Brexit

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Murphy Tells Economic Conference  That  Livelihoods Threatened By Brexit


Newry & Armagh Sinn Féin MLAs Conor Murphy and Megan Fearon both attended  “A New Ireland” economic conference which took place in Dublin recently.

The Conference hosted by Peadar Doherty TD outlined Sinn Féin’s vision for the economy with topics including investing in rural infrastructure, the economic benefits of a United Ireland.

Conor Murphy MLA opening the conference stated that Brexit will threaten the rights and livelihoods of all, particularly those living in border communities like Newry & Armagh.

“We’re living through a very interesting and important period of political and economic change

Today is an opportunity to analyse the failures of the past and consider ideas for inclusive growth. Austerity meant those with least paid for the greed and recklessness of the financial sector. It was also economically self-defeating, holding back the recovery. £1bn of cuts from London in recent years to the Executives budget have left the North’s economy the least productive, lowest paid and slowest growing economy on these islands.

Another example of economic self-harm is Brexit.  The artificial barrier across the island is also a barrier to trade and investment and we are now moving into a climate where, as a consequence of Britain’s Brexit, this will intensify threatening rights and livelihoods for citizens across the island but particularly for border communities like Newry and Armagh and citizens in the North. Sinn Fein will stand firm against any attacks on the Good Friday Agreement.

For all of us who live in Ireland the economic policy choices are becoming clear; we can choose further division, divergence and segregation between the two economies on this small island of six million people or we can choose to lift the barriers and the borders and pursue Irish Unity”.

His colleague Megan Fearon said that Sinn Féin aims to build a new economy in a new Ireland that is more inclusive, more environmentally sustainable and more integrated across the island.

The MLA said

“We need to see a living wage right across the island, our environment protected, regional imbalances addressed and a resolution to the housing crisis both north and south.

That needs to be matched by investment policies in both Dublin and Belfast which support economic growth in previously neglected areas like our own.

We want to build a new economy in a new Ireland that is more inclusive, more environmentally sustainable and more integrated across the island.

We can only do that in partnership with business, trade unions and broader civil society.  Conferences like this are vital in helping us do that.”

The MLA reflecting on the Conference which she  described as informative concluded,

“It’s time for a new discussion about our society & economy on this island. Sinn Féin will be leading this discussion”