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Recent A1 Traffic Incident Highlights Emergency Traffic Management Deficiencies

Newry & Armagh MP Mickey Brady has said that the traffic chaos within the Newry and wider locality following recent road traffic incidents on the A1 has highlighted a deficieny in the management of traffic detour and movement when responding to emergencies .
“I hope that those injured in this most recent incident will recover fully. I also commend the work of those Emergency Services present”
said the MP who continued
“The resulting traffic build ups due to road incidents are expected and something people are expected to tolerate, the A1 has now been closed twice in two days due to unfortunate incidents, however many feel that the chaos experienced by motorists was further compounded due to what seems is the lack of a well coordinated, fully resourced, emergency plan.
Motorists contacted me as to poor signage visibility and failure to properly direct those vehicles and their drivers who were detoured, all this was compounded further by the dark winter evening.
The A1 is a major cross border route. Traffic accidents and  incidents occur which will necessitate the need for road closure and detours. There really needs to be a comprehensive, fully resourced plan ready to kick in immediately. Having increased volumes of traffic and large lorries and vehicles driving around local roads, trying to work out where they are going, increases the likelihood of further accidents”.

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